Omar Oxide Mini Kamanja
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Omar Oxide Mini Kamanja

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Omar Egyptian Hookahs. 100 % Made In Egypt, super High Quality hookah with a ver clean finishing. this is the very mini kamanja 24''. has a copper downstem. this hookah can fit on any base, jumbo or regular ! comes with a Pharaonie pinkish goldish base, a bowl. Omar oxide tray and Omar wood black hose.


Glass bases are mouth blown and sometimes have air bubbles as evidence of this fact. Artisans hand paint each glass base, making every one as unique as the artist. This results in a 100% unique finished product that may not look identical to the photo. It also means that sometimes the paint may have a slight smudge, a line may not be perfectly straight, or you may see the artist's brush strokes.

Egyptian products are handmade in a traditional manner. Because these hookahs are handmade, there are usually slight variations from hookah to hookah. Most hookahs contain visible weld lines or unpolished metal at the welds.

      This hookah with a FREE 1 kilo box coco ultimate premium hookah charcoal, 1 chinese bird tong and 1 50g Al Fakher of your choice.

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