Kaloud Samsaris Bowl
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Kaloud Samsaris Bowl

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1. Fits perfectly with the Kaloud Lotus so it's secure and difficult to knock off.
2. Individual flavor chambers allow for unique heating and perfect Shisha measurement every time.
3. Central Air Channel allows for more juice (flavor) to stay in the flavor chamber and, more importantly, your puffs.
4. It's made from FDA approved non-toxic silicon so it's safe to use, it won't break if dropped, and can be handled during your session.
5. The Shisha heats up significantly faster.
6. A fill line on the inside indicates the perfect amount of Shisha to use.
7. You will (must) use significantly less charcoal and Shisha.
8. No grommet necessary with most Hookah Stems.
9. You will never experience your sessions in the same way, ever.
10. Let's face it, it's BEAUTIFUL!

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