Hookah Flavor Saver
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Hookah Flavor Saver

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Would you like your shisha to last longer? Do you want more flavor and thicker clouds? What about burnt, harsh shisha that makes you cough...want to eliminate that? 

The Hookah Flavor Saver is a breakthrough in the world of hookah smoking, using such a simple and well-understood concept...coal elevation. Everyone understood that direct heat over shisha will lead to burnt or scorched tobacco with hot, harsh smoke. Other coal elevators include the popular items like the Kaloud Louts. 
The Flavor Saver was created when the inventor realized that the hookah community needed to think simple, smart and easy. Voila'! The Hookah Flavor Saver uses its simple but effective design to elevate the coals, reducing the direct scorching heat, and creating a longer lasting, even heat distribution. 
 You can now enjoy more flavor for longer than ever before! 

 Hookah Flavor Saver Directions:

  •  Load your bowl as you normally do.
  • Use with foil for a smoother, longer lasting flavor
  • Use without foil for a more robust, traditional smoke with earthier tones and heavier buzz
  • Place the Hookah Flavor Savor over the top
  • Wait just a couple minutes with occasional puffing
  • Enjoy thick clouds of delicious shisha for hours!
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