Al Basha AF Hookah Dual Tone
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Al Basha AF Hookah Dual Tone

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After a very long time of producing hookahs and bringing the best products to the market, Al Fakher finally decided to reproduce those amazing, traditional and vintage hookahs.

The folks that make the world famous Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco bring you the Al Fakher “Large Heavy” single hosed hookah, a genuine hand-crafted hookah made in the U.A.E. This 40 inch tall hookah pipe is made of solid brass with a silver and gold plated etched exterior and features the unique “double tray” design.
The wood handled hookah hose measures 64 inches in length and the blue glass base is decorated with gold stripes and the Al Fkaher logo. A sturdy Egyptian-style clay bowl is included plus all necessary grommets for an air-tight seal. This sturdy hookah pipe exudes all the high quality standards you’ve come to expect from Al Fakher, the worlds most well known line of shisha tobacco.
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